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Collections Scoring - EXCEPTIONS Seriously your manila...

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This is SUPER IMPORTANT: 1. Here is the points breakdown for the final collections assigment: 10 -- Release Forms 10 -- Format 10 -- Genre Identification 5 -- Description 20 -- Context 20 -- Analysis 25 -- Overall Quality (variety in form, diversity in content, uniqueness, effort, improvement) I hope none of this is a surprise, but please note how large the last subjective category is. Today I told Maya that uniqueness wouldn't count, so PLEASE NOTE that the overall interest in the collections as a whole is important. 2. Collections are due Thursday, May 6, by 4 pm in the archive. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS. NO
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Unformatted text preview: EXCEPTIONS. Seriously, your manila envelope with your name, section number, and the date with year is due in a box labeled "Sara" at 4 p.m. If you only have 22 items, then turn in those 22 items, because I am not going to except any late assignments for any reason. You had months! Let's work out issues now. You still have two weeks-- plenty of time to head off potential problems. I really look forward to seeing all the hard work and thought you have put into this project. Sara....
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