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Final Review: Bascom’s concept of Prose Folk Narratives What are they? How are they defined by Bascom? What did we find LACKING in Bascom’s scheme? How did we define Narrative in class? What was this process of “narrativity” ?? what does it do? We looked at many narrative Genres and in each case we expanded, and critiqued the limitations of Bascom’s model. When we looked at STTNG episode “cause and effect” …how did we discuss the ways in which the entire episode dismantled and played with our expectations of narrative conventions? What were some of the metadiscursive elements we looked at in this episode? Are these learned (cultural)…and can we say that we may be a culture of (savvy) film goers? Myth – How, in Bascom’s scheme, do time and belief play a defining role in differentiating this genre from others? How does time (the remote past) play into the process of MYTHOLOGIZATION? How does the way in which Bascom configures belief with regard to MYTH underscore his implicit evolutionist model?
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