final review2 - Child Ballads what are they Ballad...

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Child Ballads …what are they? Ballad scholarship tended to be historic in nature and to work comparatively with Versions of ballads. Why does our study of Broadsides suggest that not only was the Context of transmission larger than performed ballads, but that ballads need to be Looked at in a larger context of news, court cases, gossip, etc. Bascom Lamar Lunsford – how did his collection of different forms of Appalachia Music, songs, dance, along with his involvement in performance and the folkmusic Festival ironically change the nature of hillbilly music? The split in Applied Folklore and Academic Folklore…how did it play out ideologically, Politically, and in terms of the direction of the field? Jim Nunally and Dix Bruce described the processes by which they play, create, share, perform, and produce music. They earn their livings as musicians. Most people would Consider them folk musicians. How do they present a different model of “the folk”, if they are folk musicians? John Henry is a Ballad that is typically understood to be about an American Tall Tale
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final review2 - Child Ballads what are they Ballad...

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