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Response to Jokes Reading

Response to Jokes Reading - Brennan Jackson Section 103...

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Brennan Jackson, Section 103, February 24, 2010 Reading the conclusion before the rest of the article, we find that the thesis involves the use of the joke as an expression of deep-seated, subconscious ideas, similar to Freud's idea of dreaming but significantly different in that while dreams are “unintelligible and the inhibitions that motivate them are unconscious,” jokes are a deliberate form of organized communication. They are meant to bring up an issue that may not normally be socially acceptable, but the use of the joke gives allowance to suspend these “sensitivities” toward gruesome or otherwise upsetting material and ideas. He also notes the necessity to re-examine certain joke cycles within this lens, that of a conscious attempt to relieve the tensions and inhibitions shared within society (examples given include ethnic jokes of the 1970s and AIDS jokes of the 1980s). He concludes the conclusion with the resolution of some sort of reference to
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