HUM 111 assignment - HUM 111 assignment This is a hard...

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HUM 111 assignment This is a hard choice to make because at the same time while we are drilling we are getting oil that is needed for other purposes but I do agree that we need to go green no matter what I believe we need to look at both sides of the situation and try to find a solution that will help both parties out. I do agree that drilling oil is the way to go but we also need to find other alternative ways on drilling without harming the ozone layer and the earth. By thinking of the fall backs of going green in drilling oil, we might lose the number of employments there currently are domestic production and ever- increasing imports. By continuing to drill, we are either saving money from importing oil from other countries. We need to start thinking about the future and how it would affect us if we don’t go green. I do believe in solar power to because that would promise a better recovery for America and also grant us more jobs. As for the politicians pushing to drill in Alaska and off the coast have the same basic goal in mind to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Most of them are also pushing to increase the use of nuclear energy as a part of the plan. If A N W R had been opened in 1995, it would have been on line for 5 years, now, cutting our need for foreign oil by about 20% per year. Instead, it is at least 10 years away from production even if it was approved today. I believe alternative energy is great, expect for the major fact that none of it is truly a viable option for today. President Barack Obama also reiterates his commitment to make America less dependent on foreign oil. Twenty-five years from now he promised that 80% of the country’s electricity will come from clean energy sources. He also commitment, that oil companies shouldn’t drill less. They should drill more. There are vast reserves of oil and natural gas waiting to be exploited underneath the Atlantic coastline, beneath the northern coast of Alaska, and on land, in Colorado and Wyoming. Combined, these regions hold over two hundred billion barrels of oil and two thousand trillion cubic feet of natural gas that are recoverable with today’s technology. That’s more than most OPEC nations. If fully developed, it would be enough to free America from the import of foreign oil for almost fifty years. Yet the president said last year that “drilling alone cannot come close to meeting our long term energy needs.” Instead his administration is set to subsidize currently unprofitable renewable energies, stifling necessary innovation in these sectors at the expense of millions of Americans who will either lose their jobs, see energy bills go up or both. I feel that it would be best if we were to have more green jobs, because it would be safe on us
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HUM 111 assignment - HUM 111 assignment This is a hard...

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