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QUESTION What are the elements of negligence that Mr. Margreiter will need to prove against the hotel in order to win his case? List the five elements here. Answer Five elements of the negligence which apply to this case of Mr. Douglas Margreiter will require for choosing against the hotel in regard to winning the case are duty, cause in effect, harm, breach & proximal cause. Duty has been referred to the obligations one have to the other party when duty constrains & the channel behaviour in the way of social responsible then hotel has duty for taking the reasonable measure to protect the guest from harm. Breach is the improper act which can be viewed as the element which exists in such case. Hotel didn’t give adequate security because it didn’t replace security personal
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Unformatted text preview: which had been called as sick. • Cause in the effect has been referred to direct causes of the action of a party which leads to harm of the other. • When proximal cause is a close connection between the wrong of defendant & injury of plaintiff then the action of hotel to not provide the adequate securities which lead to the injury of plaintiff. • The last element if negligence is harm. It is the damage suffered because of proximate result of the breach of duty of defendant. This is clear; hotel didn’t give adequate protection for the guest either Mr. Douglas Margreiter or another guest in hotel....
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