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hist notes 177 - Battle of San Pascual The Battle of San...

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Battle of San Pascual: The Battle of San Pasqual (also spelled San Pascual) was a military encounter that occurred during the Mexican-American War in what is now the San Pasqual Valley community of the city of San Diego, California. On December 6 and December 7, 1846, the Californios, and their Presidial Lancers, led by General Don Andrés Pico, (1810-1876), defeated Stephen W. Kearny's US Army column of 150 men, killing 18 ( though some modern scholars have reason to believe the American death toll much higher, perhaps as much as 50 dead.) Andres Pico: General Don Andrés Pico (1810-1876) was an influential Mexican-Californian in the mid-19th Century. He was born to José María Pico and Maria Eustaquia Lopez in San Diego, California. In 1845, Andres Pico and Juan Manso were granted a nine-year lease for the San Fernando Valley. Pico, at that time a 35-year old rancher, lived in Los Angeles. He ran cattle on his ranch and made the Mission his rancho home.During the Mexican-American War Pico commanded the Mexican forces in California and was Mexican Governor of Alta California in opposition to the U.S. provisional government. In 1846 Pico successfully led an attack on forces commanded by U.S. general Stephen Watts Kearny at San Pascual. However, fearing Kearny might execute him, Pico signed with the American commander John C. Frémont, the Treaty of Cahuenga January 13, 1847, which ended the war in California. After California became an American state, Pico remained in California, retained his extensive landholdings, and served as a state senator from San Diego in 1860 and 1861 as a Breckenridge Democrat a Southern sympathizer. Andrés Pico was the brother of Pío Pico, the last governor of Mexican Alta California. Andrés never married, but adopted several children. Cahuenga Capitualation/Treaty of Cahuenga: Cahuenga ended the fighting of the Mexican- American War in California. The treaty was approved by Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Fremont and General Andrés Pico on January 13, 1847 on the kitchen table of Tomás Feliz's six-room adobe house at Campo de Cahuenga in what is now North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The treaty allowed the Californios who fought under the Mexican Flag to return home after
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hist notes 177 - Battle of San Pascual The Battle of San...

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