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Hidden - exit Your task in this assignment • Go visit the...

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Hidden Histories: Biddy Mason’s Wall and The Pope of Broadway Throughout class, I’ve touched on the importance of monuments to public memory and city imagery. I have also suggested that public memory is selective, and that monumentalism often ignores the significant contributions made by those outside of the dominant culture, such as people of color. In many respects, Biddy Mason’s story says a lot about Old Los Angeles. You can find the basics of her story here: ( http://www.lkwdpl.org/wihohio/maso-bid.htm ). Ms. Mason’s monument is a hidden gem in downtown Los Angeles. To get to it, you must go behind the Bradbury building on Broadway and 3 rd ; the entrance is shown on the left, and it halfway between Broadway and Spring. You follow the alleyway back, past the parking, until you come up against the wall that tells Ms. Mason’s story. Across the street, you can also see a mural dedicated to the Pope of Broadway on the building across the street from the
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Unformatted text preview: exit. Your task in this assignment: • Go visit the wall, the Biddy Mason exhibit, and the Pope of Broadway, take digital photographs of the wall and mural, experience them, take notes, and think about them. • Write up a photo essay of the public art, its symbolism, and what you think of its placement in the city. Why did the artists choose the materials and images they did for the exhibits? Does its location far away from street noise enhance the experience and increase potential for contemplation, or simply render invisible an important part of Los Angeles history? Does the placement of The Mayor of Broadway enhance or detract from the Ms. Mason’s wall, or vice versa? • Your photo essay should be 700 words or less. This means 700 well chosen, analytical, and clear words to supplement your photographs. • We need all original photos . No web grabs. Your work is due February 24, 2012 @noon via Blackboard...
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