Data Exercise_1 (Instruction)

Data Exercise_1 (Instruction) - NOVA SOUTHEASTERN...

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1 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship MBA Program ECN 5050 - Economic Thinking Data Exercise 1 This exercise is designed to assess your ability to manipulate and analyze data in accordance with Course Competency (CC) #5: Locate, analyze, and interpret macroeconomic data. Instructions: Put all of your work in one file; Write your name in the header; We need to see your work in Excel (i.e., formulas). Do not copy and paste numbers from your original worksheet to a new worksheet. When submitting, make sure that the cells in your worksheet show formulas. After you finish the assignment, name your file LastnameDE1.xls (or . xlsx, depending on the version of Excel). Note that you do not have to write the . xls suffix by yourself – Excel will do it automatically, and Upload it to the Data Exercise Section of the Blackboard. Background:
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Data Exercise_1 (Instruction) - NOVA SOUTHEASTERN...

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