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Study Guide 2 - Elementary Oceanography (OCE1001) Study...

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Elementary Oceanography (OCE1001) Study Questions #2Fall 2011 These questions are based on class material, and chapter 16 (“The Oceans and Climate Change”) in Trujillo and Thurman (2011). 1. True/False: The Earth's climate system involves the exchange of heat and water among the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and cryosphere. True. Planetary atmospheric processes are called feedback loops. (Pg 471) 2. True/False: Feedback loops are the interactions among the Earth's five spheres that either reinforce or negate changes in climate. True. Positive feedback loops reinforce climate change, and negative feedback loops negate changes in climate. (pg 470) 3. True/ False: There is a significant positive correlation with sunspot activity and mean global temperature. False. In spite of efforts to correlate this cycle of sunspot activity yo temperature and precipitation changes on Earth, there is no clear evidence to support it. (Pg. 473) 4. True/False: Volcanic eruptions have no impact on global climate patterns, they only affect local climate. True. Volcanic eruptions to have an effect over an extended period of time, there would have to be a great many eruptions in a closely spaced time period and they would have to alter the composition of the atmosphere with gases and volcanic dust. No such period of volcanism is known to exist in historic times. (Pg. 473) 5. True/False: Decrease of summer ice cover in the Arctic Ocean has had a significant impact on Arctic wildlife. True. Polar bears are excellent swimmers; however, they hunt on ice. Decrease in
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Study Guide 2 - Elementary Oceanography (OCE1001) Study...

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