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These questions are based on class material and chapter 3 in Trujillo and Thurman (2011). 1. Are abyssal plains more extensive on the floor of the Atlantic or on the floor of the Pacific? 2. A sediment-laden current that flows off of the continental shelf is called a __________ current. 3. What are submarine canyons? 4. Do hydrothermal vents have a significant impact on ocean chemistry? 5. What do the two relatively flat areas on the hypsographic curve represent: 6. What method is most frequently used to investigate sediment and rock layers of the sea floor? 7. What are the characteristics of a passive continental margins? 8. What are the characteristics of an active continental margins?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Give the correct order of marine provinces from the coast out to the mid- ocean ridge. 10. What is the continental slope? Continental shelf? 11. What provinces make up “continental margins”? 12. How did submarine canyons form?13. Where are the steepest slopes in the ocean found? 14. What is an abyssal plain?15. Identify the features numbered 1, 2, and 3 in the diagram below: 16. Where is old lithosphere destroyed?17. Where does new lithosphere form in the ocean?18. Describe the direction of motion along a seafloor transform fault. 19. Are transform faults perpendicular or parallel to the axes of mid-ocean ridges?...
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