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January 20 - OR b.iii.1.b. Put down child for no reasons...

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January 20, 2012] I. Assessment of Children a. Insight a.i. Children have limited understanding of causes of behaviors and emotions a.ii. Children generally don’t believe they have a problem b. The Parent Alternative b.i. Cannot rely on child’s self-report, sometimes cannot conduct independent observation b.ii. Parent’s, primary caretakers are usually the first source of information b.iii. Concerns with parental report b.iii.1. Parental bias b.iii.1.a. The child can do no wrong
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Unformatted text preview: OR b.iii.1.b. Put down child for no reasons b.iii.2. Failure to notice certain behaviors b.iii.3. Inaccurate perceptions of what is “age-appropriate” or abnormal c. Culture c.i. Potential issues when assessing someone of a different ethnicity c.i.1. Language barrier c.i.2. Semantic differences c.i.3. Cultural bias c.i.4. Actual differences c.i.4.a. Some groups are more likely to share physical ailments than emotional ones...
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