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Test 2 - February 10

Test 2 - February 10 - *READ ARTICLE I Understanding...

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February 10, 2012 ***READ ARTICLE! I. Understanding Suicide a. Is difficult to study because a.i. Suicide is familiar, but relatively rare a.ii. Rely on family/friends for posthumous information a.ii.1. Only leave note 25% of time a.ii.2. Most common that people will right a.ii.2.a. “Just couldn’t do it anymore, had to give up” a.iii. Majority who contemplate, never commit b. Social perspectives on Suicide b.i. Risk factors: b.i.1. Economic hardship b.i.2. Serious illness b.i.2.a. Elderly too b.i.2.a.i. Burden on their caregiver b.i.3. Loss and abuse c. Biological factors in Suicidality: c.i. Family studies: Children of parents who had attempted were 6x more likely to attempt that children of parents with a mood disorder, but no attempt c.ii. Twin studies: Risk increases 5.6x if MZ twin attempts and increases 4.0x if DZ twin attempts c.iii. Research suggests low levels of serotonin may play a role in suicide c.iii.1. Polymorphism on serotonin transporter gene c.iii.1.a. s/s genotype = more dysregulated serotonin system
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