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Test 3 - February 20 - February 20, 2012 Clip from Opera: -...

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February 20, 2012 Clip from Opera: - All internal, heart racing, trembling sweating, but on the outside they just look anxious I. Panic Disorder a. Criteria for a panic attack a.i. Discrete period of intense fear or discomfort a.ii. Four or more physical symptoms of anxiety develop and peak peek within ten minutes a.ii.1. Nausea a.ii.2. Numbness a.ii.3. Hot flashes or chills a.ii.4. Heart races, cold sweat a.ii.5. Dissociating from panic attack a.iii. Can occur in the context of any anxiety disorder a.iii.1. Is not linked to panic disorder a.iii.2. OCD, social anxiety disorder, any anxiety disorder b. Diagnostic criteria for Panic Disorder b.i. Key feature: Recurrent, unexpected panic attacks b.i.1. Have to have at least two panic attacks b.ii. At least one panic attack has been followed by at least ONE month of one or more of: b.ii.1. Persistent concern of additional attacks b.ii.2. Worry about the implications of the attacks or its consequences b.ii.3. Significant change in behavior related to the attacks b.ii.3.a. If had attack in mall, might avoid malls b.ii.3.b. Avoid sex, working out causes same feelings of panic attacks c. Fear of Fear c.i. Individuals often think that their first panic attack is a heart attack c.i.1. Go to ER thinking they are having a heart attack c.ii. Fearful of those physiological symptoms of anxiety d. Facts about panic attacks and panic disorder d.i. About 40% of individuals will have a panic attack in their lifetime d.ii. Panic disorder typically onsets between late adolescence and mid 30s d.iii. Of those who have panic attacks , 3-5% individuals develop panic disorder
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Test 3 - February 20 - February 20, 2012 Clip from Opera: -...

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