Test 3 - February 24

Test 3 - February 24 - I. Social Anxiety Disorder -blush,...

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I. Social Anxiety Disorder -blush, cross their arms, add extra vocal noises “um”, drink alcohol to cope with situations, avoid eye contact a. Social Anxiety vs. “Just Shy: a.i. May lie on a continuum a.ii. 48% of undergraduate class can be qualified as “shy” a.iii. 18% had symptoms that qualify as SAD a.iv. Shy undergraduates are quantitatively different from those with SAD in terms of severity and impairment b. Diagnostic Criteria b.i. Marked and persistent fear of being humiliated or embarrassed in social or performance situations b.ii. Exposure invariably provokes anxiety, sometimes situationally bound panic attack b.iii. Recognize that the fear is excessive or unreasonable b.iv. Feared situations are avoided or endured with intense distress b.v. Impairment and/or distress b.vi. If under 18 years old, duration is at least six months b.vii. Not due to a substance, GMC, or another disorder c. Facts about SAD c.i. 12% lifetime prevalence in the US c.i.1. Most common anxiety disorder in the US
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Test 3 - February 24 - I. Social Anxiety Disorder -blush,...

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