Test 3 - February 29

Test 3 - February 29 - February 29, 2012 I....

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February 29, 2012 I. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder a. Obsessions a.i. Persistent and repeated thoughts, images, ideas, or impulses. They are experienced as intrusive, inappropriate, and distressing a.i.1. Extremely bothersome to these individuals a.ii. Compulsions a.ii.1. Repetitive behaviors/mental acts aimed at decreasing discomfort caused by obsessions a.ii.1.a. Writing and rewriting notes until it looks perfect a.ii.1.b. Pray repeatedly to try to decrease their anxiety of an obsession a.iii. Different domain of fears a.iii.1. Common Obsessions Related Compulsions a.iii.1.a. Contamination, dirt Washing a.iii.1.b. Thoughts of injury, death Undoing (mental ritual) a.iii.1.c. Dangerous hazard Checking a.iii.1.d. Symmetry Straightening a.iii.1.e. Losing/needing an item Hoarding a.iii.1.e.i. Magical thinking – belief that repeating a compulsions a certain amount of times will prevent danger from happening b. Diagnostic Criteria b.i. Obsessions AND/OR compulsions b.i.1.
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Test 3 - February 29 - February 29, 2012 I....

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