Temperament Personality

Temperament Personality - Mood Trait Temperament...

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I. Temperament Personality a. What is personality a.i. One definition: a.i.1. The characteristic emotional, cognitive, and behavioral response patterns of an individual b. What is a personality trait? b.i. A relatively stable disposition within the individual that gives rise to characteristics response patterns b.ii. Traits account for consistency of behavior across time/situations b.iii. Traits are presumed to have both a psychological and a biological basis c. What is temperament c.i. The component of personality that encompasses emotional characteristics and tendencies c.ii. In particular: early-appearing emotional characteristics presumed to be heritable d. Relationship between emotional states, temperament traits, and personality… d.i. Part of personality has to do with how strong you respond emotionally to situations Emotion Emotional States
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Unformatted text preview: Mood Trait Temperament Personality Mental Illness II. Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire a. Main Traits a.i. Measures Positive Emotionality (PEM) a.i.1. Four traits a.i.1.a. Agency a.i.1.a.i. Social potency a.i.1.a.ii. Achievement a.i.1.b. Communion a.i.1.b.i. Well being a.i.1.b.ii. Social closeness a.i.2. Being high in PEM doesnt necessarily mean you are low in NEM and vice versa a.ii. Negative emotionality (NEM) a.ii.1. Three traits a.ii.1.a. Stress reaction a.ii.1.b. Alienation a.ii.1.c. aggression a.iii. Constraint (CON) a.iii.1. Three traits a.iii.1.a. Control a.iii.1.b. Harm avoidance a.iii.1.c. Traditionalism b. Primary Trait Scales of the MPQ b.i. Each scale was constructed to measure a unique aspect of personality in a pure way...
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Temperament Personality - Mood Trait Temperament...

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