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Chapter 18: Case Incident #1 1. Would you consider Toyota to be an innovative organization? Why or why not? I would consider Toyota to be an innovative organization because the company has done many improvements to their cars. Of course, it depends on your definition of innovation. If we judge innovation beyond just its products as well Toyota does seem innovative. “It’s clear that on both these points-innovation as a process as well as a product, and lasting incremental innovation-Toyota excels.” I think that Toyota and their car the Prius also is an example of their innovative products. This car is very fuel efficient and different than the other cars on the market. I would consider Toyota an innovative organization because for my definition of innovation covers it as a process. Toyota could be argued to not be a very innovative car company though however. 2. Do you think Toyota’s potentially inbred leadership hinders, or explains, its successes? I think that Toyota’s potentially inbred leadership both explains its successes but also
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