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Leader as a Maker of Culture

Leader as a Maker of Culture - Video Lecture#9 Leader as a...

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Video Lecture #9 Leader as a Maker of Culture Concepts Definition: system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes organization from others Shared meaning People need to derive meaning in their life, attribution theory (gain meaning in order to understand reality) If everyone viewed the world the same it would be easier to communicate Differentiates one firm from another – personality of the firm We share these elements Values : tells people what’s important (what’s critical what’s not) Beliefs : How things work Norms : How members should behave If people shared all these they would know how to behave, important, and how things and therefore you wouldn’t need a lot of rules and control and supervision Dominant culture vs subculture Corporate culture = dominant culture Main culture, wide beliefs is the dominant culture Subcultures within certain aspects or parts of the company If you only have subcultures, then you have a bunch of small companies in a big company
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