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Leader as Change Agent - Video Lecture #11 Leader as Change...

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Video Lecture #11 Leader as Change Agent Most firms today have a problem of implementation You are asking people to change their way of working and behavior when you bring in new innovations A lot of firms don’t have the capacity to continuously change themselves -> biggest problem Forces for Change Workforce: diverse, multiculture, single parents Technology: information technology, share technology to gain access to new markets Competition: foreign companies, different cultures, shared competitive conditions Social Trends: cell phones, rapid rates of communication Political Trends: Russia falling apart, China coming to forefront, Afganistan This forces are only going to speed up and put on more pressure on firms Underlying source is ability to change besides human capital Very little corporate planning to make themselves more flexible Types of Change Timing! Reactive – something in the environment – change and then reaction to it Making changes for the future Magnitude Status quo – incremental – change little things The status quo itself needs to change – revolutionary – change everything at the core Firms don’t have the skills to do anything other than adaptation Adaptation: Most companies use adaptation – most common if they change at all, looks at change as solving a problem once it arises and assumes status quo is fine Fine Tuning: making small changes to the status quo in a continuous manner, Japanese Re-creation : often don’t want to admit they need to change at this level, do it after the fact, its
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Leader as Change Agent - Video Lecture #11 Leader as Change...

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