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Leaders as Visionary - Video Lecture 12 Leaders as...

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Video Lecture # 12 Leaders as Visionary Center for Effective Organizations We believe are there to help a firm gain the internal capability to change itself Because we are a university we study the process of working with a firms so that it can be applied to other firms Have to allow us to publish works Most companies were bureaucratic in the past -> realized that this type of structure doesn’t allow innovation, because they looked at change as problem solving Action Research with Organizations Help organization learn to improve itself Generate new knowledge that can be applied to other organizations Research Scientists and Faculty Members Types of Projects Strategic change Designing high performing organizations Team-based organizations New reward and selection practices Organization learning Traditional Change Methods Still used by most firms Couldn’t change one part without changing another part If you were applying traditional methods of change, magnified problems Management initiated and controlled Problem focused Experts analyze and design solutions Doers implement solutions Rolled out as packaged change program Change is discrete event Problems with Traditional Change Problems
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Leaders as Visionary - Video Lecture 12 Leaders as...

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