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1 Madison Nina Madison WRIT 140 Professor Openshaw 4 December 2011 The Affect of Digital Media When it comes to the topic of digital media, most people will readily agree that modern society readily use and rely on technology. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of the value of digital media as a venue for reasoning. Whereas some are convinced that digital media positively affects peoples reasoning, others maintain that the media impacts people’s attitudes and behaviors more than they realize. This controversy has important consequences for the larger matter of the discussion of social issues. One major concern in modern society is the rise of the hook up culture and the demise of traditional formal dating. Post 20 th century, relationships were intended for marriage and were relatively controlled by parents. Sex was neither openly discussed nor readily available. Marriage was a long-term commitment and it was widely assumed that people would remain abstinent till marriage. In contemporary times, about half of the couples who marry divorce, and premarital sex is viewed as a cultural norm. There are many associations between sexual attitudes and digital media, which incites debate about how people’s behavior and thoughts are affected. While digital media may contribute to more productive discussions on social issues, digital media may also make the debate about whether people should engage in sexual relations outside of love less productive and in so doing affect whether people choose to participate in casual sex. On first inspection, one might question if casual sex is in fact a contemporary social issue. However, upon deeper examination, sexual relations outside of love concerns those
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2 interested in not only in how digital media affects reasoning, but also how the consequences of social networking, the internet, and instant messaging increase the actual participation of casual sex. This issue was never addressed earlier because previous generations find this social issue extremely offensive because casual sex goes against everything they were taught and raised to think. Additionally, casual sex raises questions about gender inequality and women’s role in sex outside love. Especially seen in the feminist movement, many women advocated that not only ‘bad girls’ like sex. Along with the media’s deployment of women as “sex objects,” an informal understanding was created that social status was associated with how sexually desirable a woman is. Digital media raises controversy over whether this is advancement for women or whether digital media’s degradation of women further emphasizes the inequality that already existed. Sexual relations outside of love also include prostitution, which is evidently a social issue on a
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nmadison.A5.140 - 1 Madison Nina Madison WRIT 140 Professor...

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