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Homework #2 Linear Programming BUAD311- Operations Management Spring 2011 Hamid Nazerzadeh Due 9:00 pm on March 1 Homework 2 has a maximum of 50 points. There are 3 questions. Students can discuss homework questions with each other, with TAs, or with the instructor, provided that the actual work is done individually. I expect students to use Excel provided on blackboard. Please create an Excel file using your full name, Example: hw_2_hamid_nazerzadeh.xls and provide your answers in the Excel file. Homework assignments are accepted only via Blackboard . I do not accept homework assignments in class or by email. Label each worksheet as follows: Q1 Q2 Q3 Only worksheets with the above names will be graded. If you generated a sensitivity report, label it appropriately, i.e., Q2sensitivity. If you generate a sensitivity report many times, delete all the unnecessary reports before you turn in. If you have unnecessary sheets/tabs, you’ll lose 3 points per sheet. All the problems should be modeled as linear. In your solver option, make sure you check “Assume linear model” or “Simplex LP,” depending on your version of Excel. If this box is not checked, you’ll lose 3 points. Use Excel solver, even if you can solve without excel.
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hw_2_Hamid - Homework #2 Linear Programming BUAD311-...

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