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Nina Madison Kristen’s Cookie Company Summary You are attempting to make a company called Kristen’s Cookie Company which will sell cookies to people at night. Customers will order the cookies before they are made and will pick them up at your apartment. The customer will be able to add chocolate chips, M&M’s, chopped Heath bars, coconut, walnuts, and raisins. All the orders will be processed through e-mail so that no mix-ups will occur. All the steps of making the cookies and who does what is specified along with how long it takes. Ordering: 0 minutes Prep/electric mixer: 6 minutes Spooning: 2 minutes per tray Cook: 10 minutes per tray (roommate) Cooling: 5 minutes (Roommate)
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Unformatted text preview: Pack: 2 minutes per dozen (roommate) Payment: 1 minute 1. How long will it take you to fill a rush order? The total process takes 27 minutes, but time can be saved if people order the same type of cookies or if they pre-make the dough by anticipating what people will order. While some of the cookies are cooking in the oven, they can prep and spoon other cookies so that right when the cookies are done cooking, they can start baking the next batch right away. 2. How much of your own and your roommate’s valuable time will it take to fill each order? 12 minutes of times because of the prep, spooning, 1 minute of cooking, packing and the payment....
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