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business project - Nina Madison Sarah Wang West Coast...

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Sarah Wang West Coast University Student Health Service Case Analysis Brief discussion of the company and its environment The West Coast University Student Health Services is a clinic that provides medical care to students who attend the university. Most of the lab procedures along with the all types of services and testing are done at the clinic. The primary funds for operations come from registration fees. The Primary Care Clinic serves students who need care long-term and have other health concerns. Patents were treated on a first come first served basis because of the walk- in service of the clinic. The clinic is staffed with five full-time and three-part time nurse practitioners, five fulltime and four part time physicians, six medical assistant, and support staff personnel. Currently, when students first arrive at the clinic they register at the front desk and then wait while they pull up their medical history. This is then given to a triage nurse. Patients that do not have an appointment first see a triage nurse who then determines whether their condition is necessary for a NP or MD to also take a look at. The patient would then take medical file to the MA outside of the office. After this, the patient would then meet with the clinician. If a patient wants to see their usual clinicians and that NP or MD is not there, they would have to come back another day. 22% of the meetings with MDs could have been treated by NPs, but were not because the patient wanted to see a specific clinician. Regardless of whether their clinician is present or not, the patient still sees the triage nurse. Due to the dissatisfaction with the clinic and its long waiting times, Carwin proposed a new team system. In this system, all the patients would be able to choose between teams of both MDs and NPs. If the requested clinician is not available, the patient will be assigned to a MD or NP on the same team as the requested clinician. Then they would be directed to an examination room where the team of NPs and MDs would then assist them. Very brief description of the problems Based on students’ feedback, the biggest concern is long waiting time. On average, students wait 45 to 60 minutes before being seen. When they demand a specific physician, the wait can be 2 to 3 days due to unavailability of doctors. 14 percent of students had difficulty in obtaining appointments in a timely fashion. According to the patient satisfaction survey, 48 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with waiting time to get an appointment. Students displease with administration paperwork and procedures. ineffective process flow lack of efficiency in the clinicians’ schedule staffs are constantly late to work poor facility Poor perception from non-users Analysis that links the problems to its causes Long waiting times One of the major complaints about the clinic was that there are very long waiting times. Patients have to wait a long time because the overall flow time of the system is large due to the
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business project - Nina Madison Sarah Wang West Coast...

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