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aleenakh.A5.140 - Aleena Khan 8329709042 David Openshaw...

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Aleena Khan 8329709042 David Openshaw Writing-140: Assignment 5 12/04/11 Digital Media is Not Black and White Racial segregation has been an issue for centuries. Over the years, Americans have attempted to bridge the gap between multiple races in order to endorse integration – the mixing of races. Regarding marriage, racial integration has only recently become common or even socially accepted. In the past, racial minorities such as blacks or Asians often married white people in order to enhance their social stature, or as a step towards becoming more American. Black people were “interested in moving up in the power structure, and one way [they could] do that is through intermarriage with the dominant group”, otherwise known as white people [“Online Dating” by Yasmin Anwar, 2011, www.newscenter.berkeley.edu ]. On the other hand, a white person marrying a black person was seen as a downgrade, lowering one’s social stature. However, in recent years, our society has tried to change its outlook on racial integration in order to support the mixing of races, rather than supporting individuals to only intermingle with members of their own race. However, these progressive efforts to support integration are being undermined by digital media. The Internet, with its use of online dating websites and social networking interfaces, inhibits the progression of racial integration. The main issue underlies within online dating websites that are confined to only one race. Websites are created in order for men and women to find compatible spouses, however, some websites discriminate against other races, in order to exclude members of different races from being able to create accounts of the website. For 1
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example, the website ‘www.blacksingles.com’ is an online matchmaking website, limited to black people only. This is a clear example of digital media affecting the reasoning on racial segregation – these single-race websites affect society’s attitudes towards integration since they are once again being directed to only intermingle with their own race, rather than meeting people of different races. The Internet, with its emergence of online dating websites, is in fact regressive towards racial integration; all of society’s efforts to encourage men and women to marry outside of their races are being subsided by digital media and its creation of single-race dating websites that are guiding individuals to only interact with their own race. On “www.blackpeoplemeet.com”, the website claims that its purpose is “for
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aleenakh.A5.140 - Aleena Khan 8329709042 David Openshaw...

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