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ASSIGNMENT 1 buad304

ASSIGNMENT 1 buad304 - didn’t fit in with other workers...

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1. Reflect on an experience (eg. group/team work, job experience, college choice, etc.) where you felt like you just didn’t fit in. Using the material from the video lecture and class, explain what caused this feeling. What could have been done differently to make the situation better? Using the benefit of hindsight, what advice would you give your former self if you were starting over? If the situation is still ongoing, are there practical steps you can take to improve the situation? Potential course concepts that apply include: personality, values, attitudes, motivation and fit. DUE: Week 3 for A, Week 4 for B. 1 page: single-spaced job experience: intern at time out magazine p1: explain internship – that I was in a rush so I just applied everywhere and didn’t do research didn’t fit in with task they gave me
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t fit in with other workers didn’t fit in with manager I shdv made sure I fit in with company’s style – I could have looked online at their working style before applying for the postio! Steps I can take to improve the situation: I SHOULD not do halo effect (think that boss is wearing casual clothes so she must be laidback? Boss is smart so she must be a good leader – need to stop attributing personalities just from knowing a little bit about someone) I stereotyped that because it was going to be in a nice area it would be safe/but my bag got stolen goes back to how I didn’t fit in How does your personality/value fit with the culture of the firm Be as aggressive on studying the company as the company will be on selecting you!...
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