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buad304 assignment 2

buad304 assignment 2 - TO Team One FROM Aleena Khan DATE...

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TO: Team One FROM: Aleena Khan DATE: February 17 th , 2012 SUBJECT: Effective Team Behavior = There has been a recent shift in the workplace from working alone to working in teams in order to maximize efficiency and as a better way to use employee talents. Effective teams result in effective leadership, a climate of trust and a performance evaluation and reward system that reflects team contributions. However, teams can easily be inefficient if they do not have the correct characteristics, such as the ones mentioned above. There are specific steps that need to be taken in order to become a high-performing team. Context The context includes the factors that determine whether your team is successful or not. This is extremely useful for your team project, since you can assess whether or not you are a successful team by evaluating each contextual factor. I would recommend that you regularly assess how your team is performing based on these four factors so that if your team is lacking in one specific area such as: ‘Climate of trust’, then your team will know exactly what needs to be done in order to improve overall efficiency. Define a leadership structure that suits your team Rather than a single-leader structure, where only one team member has the role of delegating tasks, it is a good idea to establish shared leadership amongst the team. This way you will feel that all team members have equal rights and control. Shared leadership empowers teams by delegating responsibilities to team members, and to make sure all team members work together rather than compete against one another. This will help distribute tasks effectively, and will therefore ensure that all tasks get
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