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Issues/symptoms - Groupthink - weren’t sharing info - tense, not collaborative (team vibe was tense – ppl didn’t feel comfortable giving opinion) - conformity pressures - too much autonomy - unfair/ineffective leadership (Connor) - too much autonomy from management - too similar of members (similar personality) – homogenous - afraid to speak up/disagreements - communication problems - didn’t get to know each other at first - more concerned with group dynamics/keeping high group spirits rather than the commercial (even though there were some hesitations during creation process, they ‘decided that it would be better to keep the team in good spirits
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Unformatted text preview: rather than risk losing the team’s morale) Causes/buckets 1. Perception-Biases = overconfidence bias-Personality = homogeneity-Relationship-oriented rather than task-oriented 2. Teamwork-GPM-storming issues-Too much autonomy-Lack of skilled leader 3. Communication-low-richness channels- Google Doc-assumptions-ambiguity Solutions 1. Diversity Myers Briggs Intentionally choosing people who work well together 2. Check in periodically/setting better communication parameters within the team 3. Run idea by management before production...
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