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buad304 assignment 4 - Aleena khan 8329709042 Discussion...

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Aleena khan 8329709042 Discussion time: Thursday 8:00 a.m. Assignment # 3 I admire the leadership style of Alan Trefler most because in his first formal management role, he endorsed enthusiasm as a main motivator in the workplace. Although he was given the role of coordinating the other employees, he did not take advantage of his authoritative position and power by ordering other employees to complete their tasks. Instead, he used enthusiasm to get leaders can get their employees to work effectively by the use of positive energy and encouragement, which ultimately leads them to actually want to perform their tasks well, since they feel that they are working because of their own will rather than being forced by their boss. I think that enthusiasm is a great leadership strategy because not only does it ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, but also it creates a fun, positive work environment where employees look forward to working instead of dreading their tasks. Furthermore, I admire Trefler’s ambition; despite being a ‘grossly underqualified’ college graduate, he still walked into a job and got a leadership role as a project manager, running a small team. I admire his fearless approach in the workplace; he shows that confidence is the key to success and one has to believe he/she is good enough for a job in order to actually be good enough for the job. Aware that his experience with a Wall Street Bank was going to be difficult and challenging, he spent days sitting with the customer, watching and understanding their business at a ‘pretty deep level’ in order to fully familiarize himself with the company’s culture. Once again, I admire his approach, as he shows a genuine interest and desire to work effectively in the company, since he takes his time to make sure he understands how the business operates. As a manager, I would also strive to make sure I fully understand the ‘content’ of the business, by actually sitting with customers and getting deep level exposure of how the company operates. This first-hand exposure is important because Trefler, himself, is gaining an understanding of the business instead of relying on secondary sources; the fact that he is observing the business with his own eyes shows dedication to
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buad304 assignment 4 - Aleena khan 8329709042 Discussion...

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