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Concept Paper Assignment

Concept Paper Assignment - Fawwaz Siddiqui SO 101 Concept...

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Fawwaz Siddiqui 03/11/12 SO 101 Concept Paper Assignment #1 My topic for this concept paper assignment is regular family interactions. The common norms found in regular family interactions are that you should not badmouth a family member and you should always respect your adults. Also, it is normal in most families to be close. Through communication and love, families find that their happiness and affection grow. Some folkways with families at gatherings are that they are not always required to eat together, their eating habits may be different, and their physical fitness might vary. Some mores at family functions are the members’ manners, principles, and morals. Routine participants in situations like this usually discuss and know their standpoints with their families. Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis might apply to this family’s situation because each moment of emotion in a household uses drama or stage play to show the other person the moods the other person is feeling. I believe that
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