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Research Methodology Assignment One

Research Methodology Assignment One - Fawwaz Siddiqui SO...

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Fawwaz Siddiqui 02-20-2012 SO 101 Research Methodology Assignment One 1. Childhood obesity has become one of the biggest societal issues facing many American families. As we all know, fast food restaurants can be very harmful if someone only eats at them. In Japan, people are required to be under a certain weight at their workplace and it may affect their job opportunities. 2. When looking deeper into this issue, we must ask ourselves; does the growing fast food industry also have an impact on childhood obesity? The health problems young teens and children face are mostly caused by fast food restaurants and their unhealthy menus. For example, in August 2003, the parents of two teen girls filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s stating that their foods are the causes for their daughters’ health problems. Although they did not win the lawsuit, this issue stirred up a controversy all around the Unites States. 3. The independent variable in this research is the growing fast food industry.
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