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Health notes - o 2.4-4.5 million men and women 65 o By age...

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Health Notes Nervous system Send and receive messages Electrochemical processes Transfer of messages Chemical message excites or inhibits Anxiety Disorders Phobias Panic Attacks/ Panic disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder ADHD Types of therapists Psychiatrists- medical doctor, only ones to prescribe medication Psychologists- diagnose mental illnesses. Cannot prescribe medication Certified social worker/ licensed clinical social worker- 2 years of graduate degree Psychiatric nurses- nurses Healthy aging What is life expectancy? About 75 for women What is life expectancy? Avg number of years a person is expected to live US- between 77.9-78.44 years of age Men: average 75.2 Women: average 80.4 Challenges of aging Obesity o Diabetes o Heart disease o Stroke o Leack of essential nutrients Alzheimer’s disease
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Unformatted text preview: o 2.4-4.5 million men and women 65+ o By age 85, ~ ½ men and women have Alzheimer’s o Women are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s • Osteoporosis o Risk factors Age, female, small body, white or Asian, family history, early amenorrhea or menopause, anorexia, low calcium, low vitamin D Other challenges of aging: • Increased risk of cancer Health Notes Death and dying • Everyone is going to die of something Preparing for death • Advanced directives o Medical accident • Health-care proxy • Living will o Medical treatment wanted or not • Holographic will o Hand written • DNR order Defining death • Death: heart stops • Functional Death: end of all vital functions • Cellular Death- no longer have oxygen • Brain Death: absence of electrical activity • Spiritual Death...
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Health notes - o 2.4-4.5 million men and women 65 o By age...

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