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Fawwaz Siddiqui 02/08/12 Journal 2 1. One thing I have learned simply because I enjoy it would be information about cars. Starting at a very young age, cars have always interested me. I began naming car companies just by looking at the shapes of the cars. I have spent a lot of my time researching and learning about cars and different types of cars. 2. I gathered information about cars through observing the different makes and models. I organized these thoughts by the different body types. At a young age, I began studying these types and makes. Whenever I left my house, I engaged in this learning. Fortunately for me, I got a car in high school. Till then, I would research different types of cars. When
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Unformatted text preview: I engaged in learning this, I felt very content. It brought me a sense of fulfillment. The rewards for learning about cars were that I would always advise people on which cars they would best suit. 3. I have learned that in order to fully learn, one must see some importance in what he or she is being taught. If something does not make you feel content, there is no reason to continue. I will use this knowledge to maximize my knowledge in college by setting goals for myself regarding my future career and plans....
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