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Fawwaz Siddiqui 2/22/12 DS 106 Journal 6 1) What’s my present situation? a) My present situation is that I failed my first math test. I have taken the same math course last semester so failing the course again is not an option. 2) How would I like my situation to be? a) I would like my situation to be me having a higher grade in the course. Something above a 70 would be acceptable to me. 3) What are my possible choices? a) I have the choice of either getting serious about math and studying every day and doing the homework assignments every day. b) I also have the choice of slacking off and failing the course again. c) I also have the choice of dropping the course and taking it at another time. 4) What’s the likely outcome of each possible choice? a) I will succeed if I do the first choice. b) If I slack off, I will be wasting time and money. c) If I drop the course, I will also be wasting time and money. 5) Which choice will I commit to doing? a) I will commit to doing the first choice. I will succeed by taking my time to study, and
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Unformatted text preview: starting to balance my schedule so that I can hang out with my friends at other times. 6) When and how will I evaluate my plan? a) I will evaluate my plan by the end of the semester. By this time, I will know what my grade in the course is and can say how much effort I put into that grade. By doing the wise choice process, I caught myself at a time of laziness. I say this because I have failed my first math course. If I change my ways now, I can still get a good grade in the class. By paying attention in class, doing the homework’s on time, and asking my professor for help when I am lost, I truly feel that I can achieve a good grade. If I let myself slack off any longer, I will fail the course for the second time. Failing is no longer an option for me. Therefore, I will change my ways to succeed in school....
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