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Fawwaz Siddiqui 3/21/12 DS 106 Journal 13 1. Write about the system (or lack of system) that you presently use to decide what you will do each day. a. The system I use to decide what to do each day involves importance. The importance of the class, the credit, how much I really need it to transfer. I know what homework to do by looking at my grades and seeing which class I need the most improvement in. I ability to prepare for tests is not as great as I would hope. I find myself with low test scores in my harder classes because I do not know how early I should start preparing for the test. I try to attend all of my classes, but if I must, I would go to the classes with the most credits and importance rather than the ones of less importance and credits. I track my work life by getting as much done as I possibly can, and my social life by hanging out with my friends whenever I get the opportunity. I use this approach because I always did, and I feel that it is not helping me become a successful student. My system is not
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