Minnesota v Olson

Minnesota v Olson - • Police seize the stolen items in...

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Stoner v. California Facts: Armed robber drops his checkbook on the ground of a parking lot Police find stubs that he stays at the Mayfare Hotel Police do a criminal history check, find a picture, show picture to witnesses of the robbery, witnesses affirm that he is the robber Police, warrantless, go to the hotel, ask the hotel clerk where Stoner is, clerk says he left, Police ask the clerk if he can use the key to search his room
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Unformatted text preview: • Police seize the stolen items in the hotel room, then arrest Stoner 2 days later in Vegas • Government claim search of the hotel room was a search incident to arrest • Court finds that the search incident to the arrest has to be made contemporaneously with the arrest, since they arrested him 2 days later, it was not a search incident to arrest • SC: there is an expectation of privacy for Stoner...
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