Compensatory crs siegel 1977 reduction of the

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Unformatted text preview: lerance 10 Conditioned response : Influence of the US on the CR C. Compensatory CRs Siegel (1977) •  Reduction of the analgesic effects of morphine in rats with training •  Injection/handling cues = CS, Morphine = US •  Reduction in the effectiveness of CS (i.e. tolerance) = Conditioning •  Saline (placebo) injections lead to extinction; without injections full tolerance remains. Tolerance (compensatory CR) develops Saline injections No injection 11 Reflexive nature of the conditioned response CR can be maladaptive… Hearst & Jenkins (1974) - Pigeons autoshaped in a long arena. Key light and hopper separated by 60 cm. Subjects often missed the US as a consequence of not getting to the hopper in time. -  CR was still maintained! Williams & Williams (1969) -  Omission schedule -  Pigeons given conventional autoshaping. US omitted if CR (pecking) was performed. Pecking still continued! 12 Blocking Stronger CR in Group C Than Group E Kamin (1969) Group Element conditioning Compound conditioning Test Group E Noise → Shock Noise & Light → Shock Light Group C - Noise & Light → Shock Light “…perhaps, for an increment in an assoc...
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