More than a label however monkeys trained to press

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Unformatted text preview: o adjacent points is the same Experiment by Brannon & Terrace may confirm animal’s appreciation of nominal scales But, On test trials with patterns comprising 4 and 5 objects, 4 was pressed before 5. More than a label? However, Monkeys trained to press patterns in reverse (4, 3, 2, 1) order when tested with 4 and 5, did not press 5 then 4 12 Number Numerical symbols Can animals use different symbols to refer to different quantities? Boysen & Berntson (1989) - Showed a chimp (Sheba) different Arabic numerals from 0-4 - Tray in front of numerals contained number of food items (0-4) - Rewarded for choosing Arabic numeral that = number of food items - Learning transferred to novel items Pepperberg (1994) - African grey parrot (Alex) trained to respond (verbally) to questions 13 Alex Can correctly label novel arrays of items up to 6. Can tell how many items of a certain type are in larger array. Is he subitizing? Counting? Pepperberg (2006) - Alex shown two inverted cups, both of which concealed nuts - Shown objects in turn and asked “How many nut total?” - Correctly responded more than would be expected by chance Counting in chimp (Sheba) 1.  2.  3.  4.  Boysen Match numbers of gum drops to numbers of tokens on cards Match Arabic numerals (on cards) to numbers of gum drops Choose correctly sized array when shown numeral & vise versa (up to 6 or 8 items) Sheba can count the total number of hidden objects & add the numerals on hidden cards! Adding and subtracting Rhesus macaques “looking time” (habituation/dishabituation) Adding and subtracting 5-6 mo old infants...
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