seyfarth cheney 2003 alarm call elicits a

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Unformatted text preview: of signals Do the alarm calls do anything more than evoke a UR in the receiver? - Seyfarth & Cheney (2003) Alarm call elicits a representation of the predator Has the same effect as if the predator was actually there - Zuberbuhler, Cheney & Seyfarth (1999) Diana monkeys presented (via a loudspeaker) with (1) Growls of a leopard + (2) leopard alarm call or (1) Shrieks of an eagle + (2) eagle alarm call On baseline trials, trials (1) and (2) were the same (e.g. both leopard growl) – weak response to second trial On test trials, trials (1) and (2) were different (alarm call, then leopard) – weak response to second trial Call rate Call rate - Zuberbuhler, Cheney & Seyfarth (1999) Do vervet calls have meaning? Measure habituation/“dishabituation” between different calls that are used in the same context (i.e. different sound - same meaning) Transfer across call types Individual recognition; No...
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