Duration of response call listed first is habituation

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Unformatted text preview: transfer Do vervet calls have meaning? Habituation transfers across calls from different species! Duration of response Call listed first is “habituation” Second is “control” & “test” Vervets treat starling alarm calls similarly to vervet alarms Show audience effect (like chickens) Suggests an internal representation of the referent Human Language and Animal Communication Limited vs unbounded signal sets: Most animals communicate about a limited range of items (food, sex, predators, etc) using a fixed and usually small set signals. Reference and situational freedom: Animal communication often reflects internal states. Other signals are referential, i.e.they are reliably given in the presence of an object and not under other conditions (bees chickens, monkeys). Humans can discuss events or items that have occurred in the past or may occur in the future. This is called situational freedom or displacement. Intentionality: Humans generally use language with the intent of informing (e.g. clarification), by s...
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