Little change from generation to generation probably

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Unformatted text preview: states. Little change from generation to generation, probably genetically determined Birdsong: More complex, involving sequences of syllables and notes. Learning important Marler (1970) - Studied variations in the song of the white-crowned sparrow - Isolated birds of different ages for various intervals - Development of bird song depends upon exposure to song when between 10 and 50 days old Baptista & Petrinovich (1984, 1986) - Sparrows can still learn if older than 50 days - Can learn the song of a different species: strawberry finch Petrinovich (1988) -  Sparrows can learn any song they attend to -  Better at learning from a live tutor as the constant variation maintains attention to the song Communication Ethological model of communication: use of a ‘signal’ to influence the behavior of another individual. behavior Communication is a closed system Human Language and Animal Communication Limited vs unbounded signal sets: Most animals communicate about a limited range of items (food, sex, predators, etc) using a fixed a...
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