These calls satisfy the criteria for functional

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Unformatted text preview: •  Roosters call more when they can see a hen nearby. These calls satisfy the criteria for functional reference Leopard alarm calling Leopard alarm calling Vervet monkey alarm calls Acoustically distinct calls are given when sighting different classes of predators •  Vocal production is not learned •  Appropriate use is learned during first 4 years (ii) Development of communication Vervet monkeys -  Cheyney & Seyfarth (1988): Different alarm calls made by vervet monkeys to predators Predator Eagle Leopard Python Signal Chuckle Loud bark High-pitched chuttering Troop response Look up, or flee into a bush Flee into a tree Look around, and mob the snake -  Playback of recorded calls will also elicit these responses Seyfarth & Cheyney (1986) - Played a tape of an eagle alarm call whenever an infant was alone - At first, infant was startled, and searched for its mother - Later, infant watched responses of its mother, and then copied them Different calls elicit different behaviors in receivers Development of communication Vervet monkeys: the significance...
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