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Writ140 Assignment 5: Online Racism

Writ140 Assignment 5: Online Racism - A5 With the emergence...

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A5 With the emergence of digital media and social networking, individuals seeking romance and intimacy no longer have to rely on face-to-face communication. As the Internet progresses into developing new means for online communication, more and more people turn to digital media in their search for new friendships, or even potential romantic relationships, with the increasing simplicity of adding a person’s account or sending them a message, as a way of expressing an interest in them. Although this seems like a progressive, easy way of meeting people, the popularity of social networking has influenced the reasoning of our generation to always believe what they see online. While there are many benefits of the intermingling of digital media and intimacy, our youth needs to be reminded of the possibility that some online accounts are either fake, or misleading. One can never be positively sure that someone’s profile on a social networking site represents their true
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