Course Outline Final - Course: Video Production (MSA 306)...

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Course: Video Production (MSA 306) SYLLABUS I. INTRODCUTION TO VIDEO AESTHETICS II. STAGES OF PRODUCTION III. NON LINEAR EDITING TECHNIQUES IV. ON FIELD APPLICATIONS OF THE COURSE INTRODUCTION The course aims to inculcate the art of producing short videos in the students. As the discipline of study video production has acquired an important place in the modern world that is hugely influenced by media, therefore in this course students will learn how the production process enables you to plan and execute ideas in form of short videos. Emphasis will be on the pre- production where screenwriting skills will be developed after which basics of camera work and non linear editing skills are developed. COURSE OBJECTIVE: The Video Production course will introduce students to various phases and Processes of video/television/film production: PREPRODUCTON: Students will be shown how an idea is generated into visual component. Generating an idea into a story and a script, with apt character development. It will be reinforced with assignments.
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Course Outline Final - Course: Video Production (MSA 306)...

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