Rules to follow for your first group presentation

Rules to follow for your first group presentation - Rules...

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Rules to follow for your first group presentation (Highlighting the culture(s)/ language(s) of a country assigned to you). This project is worth 5 marks and has two parts: your actual presentation in class + the printed out slides which must indicate clearly which group-member presented what part of the material. You will be marked individually based on the in-class presentation + Question and Answer session + the slides. Each member will speak for a minimum of 2 and a half or a maximum of 3 minutes. Also remember that each member has to answer at least one question during the Q & A session. Questions to answer (you can include additional info if you want but these areas must be covered): 1, What is the geographical location of the country? Who are its neighbours? 2, What kind of climatic conditions does the country have? 3, Comment on their history : migration trends? Colonial/imperialist past? Cultural influences etc. 4, Comment on the racial/ethnic/ cultural/religious diversity in the country. What kind of
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