quiz 1 - Principles of Marketing BBA-II Quiz1A _:Name...

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Principles of Marketing BBA-II A Quiz1 Name _____________: Date ______________: Section ____________: 1 ________ .( are human needs as shaped by individual personality and culture . A) Needs B) Wants C) Demands D) Values E) Exchanges 2 .( What do companies call a set of benefits that they promise to consumers to satisfy their needs ? A) market offering B) value proposition C) demand satisfaction D) need proposition E) evoked set 3 .( A(n) ________ is the set of actual and potential buyers of a product . A) market B) audience C) group D) segment E) exchange 4 .( Which of the following provides an answer to these questions: What is our business? Who are our customers? What do our customers value? What should our business be ? A) objectives and goals B) a mission statement C) a business portfolio D) marketing and functional strategies E) operational strategies 5 .( All of the following are examples of product-oriented mission statements, EXCEPT which one ? A) "We provide online services ". B) "We run theme parks ". C) "We sell shoes
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quiz 1 - Principles of Marketing BBA-II Quiz1A _:Name...

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