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Name___________________________________ Section ______ ECE-200 Digital Design November 20, 2008 Practice Final Exam Closed Book No calculators, PDAs, computers or any other electronic devices Instructions: Write your name and section number on each sheet. Write your answers and do all relevant work on the exam pages. Clearly mark your answers. In all problems, you must show all your work. Correct answers without adequate accompanying work will not carry full points. You may submit additional pages if necessary. If needed, the last page of this exam contains Boolean algebraic equalities. For use by instructors only 1 4 2 5 3 6 Problem 1. (10 points) Implement the function F using only NOR gates. You can use variables X,Y,Z, but not their complements (X’, Y’ Z’). Hint: Recall how to make an inverter with a NOR gate. F XYZ = Σ XYZ (1,2,5,6) Practice Final Exam, Fall 2008 Page 1
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Name___________________________________ Section ______ Problem 2.
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Practice_final_20080 - Name_ Section _ ECE-200 Digital...

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