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ProblemSet01 - (2/22 lot sampling sample preparation...

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第一週的課 (2/22) 上完後,應該要對下列的名詞有概念 ( 知道如何解釋 ) lot, sampling , sample preparation homogeneous lab sample/sample homogenization, aliquot matrix effect , calibration curve , standard deviation leveling effect , leveling solvent , differentiating solvent activity, protic solvent, aprotic solvent common ion effect, hydrolysis, disproportionation, ion pair 有些平衡式裡的反應 / 生成物的濃度 怎麼沒有在『慣用』的平衡常數的方程式裡 ? 加熱會壓抑反應往生成物方向進行的是吸熱還是放熱反應
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