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When I am reading or writing, critical thinking allows me to process the information clearly. By learning to think critically, I am able to produce an idea thoroughly which makes my writing have more depth. Applying critical thinking to reading helps me to evaluate arguments. I am able to make a determination if the arguments are sound or not. I am able to distinguish facts from opinions which is very important to any reading process. When evaluating articles, advertising, media, and conversations, critical thinking allows me to decide if a source is credible and unbiased. I will usually read over several different sources which provide me information for the same subjects. This enables me to apply critical thinking
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Unformatted text preview: and decide which sources are more reliable. Advertising is known to be biased because it is advertising a specific product or item. Critical thinking in relation to advertising will allow me to determine if the product being advertised stands up to its claims. Media, such as the newspaper, should be unbiased. They are supposed to just state the facts. This does not always happen and sometimes the article may be slanted. Critical thinking helps me determine if the story is slanted by the authors. Critical thinking is mostly used in regular everyday conversations. As human beings, we are always actively using critical thinking skills to determine if someone is making a sound argument and being honest....
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